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If you’re a craftsman, you do not count all the hours spent in caring for your own firm. For nearly forty years, the owner has been doing his utmost to learn how to best smooth wood pieces, so that their shape talks to the fingers moving on the surface. Here a refined art craft is being transformed to satisfy demanding customers and keep pace with an unstable market, making each item unique. The expertise acquired over years allows an open dialogue with customers and sharing their personal knowledge; this useful dialogue aims at discussing the best solutions to any possible problem or the feasibility of the designer’s product. Besides ISO9001 certification, thanks to real agreement among the staff and the belief that everybody can help in the different production phases and speed up work times, the company has turned into a large active family, whose manual work remains the focal point in wood processing.

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Via Artigianato, 21
San Giovanni al Natisone (UD), veneto, IT 33048

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